Agriturismo Malga Piè

December 14, 2018 Uncategorized

In Soraga, a small village in the Val di Fassa, we meet this livestock farm and the Agriturismo Malga Pie, I am with Paolo Brunelli who with his family has created this interesting I must say experience between mountain livestock and farms in the spirit of consistency almost a philosophy we can to say that your Paul is also a choice of philosophy of life, a choice of philosophy and logically of attachment to our territory, our land is something to say we carry on the generational change and logically the care of the territory and make the most of what can come from our territory, what then in our land and also give work to the people who come after him.

This story begins in this stable and starts with the brown breed that you breed and which is also an animal that adapts to the mountain territory while maintaining interesting productions also from the point of view of the quality of the earth, of course we have a brunette l ‘we have given the rations we have always kept the brunette before the brunette was there with the so-called Swiss hole and after it has been a little genetically improved, now we have pretty brunette and milk quality say a very good quality milk has a little less positive that certain other races but it fits very well is the very good handful precisely to this environment ie the mountain certainly fits because she is logically say with the experience I have with these brunettes I see that even in the mountains they adapt very well go go say without problems at high altitude and it is very comfortable to manage means Paolo for you the quality of the product, to produce products without going to pattern hurley without saying use drugs without then logically use the fodder all that comes out of our territory.

This here is very important because we logically have a whole environment that we can say that we do not do any treatment, it’s nothing in short it is logically being able to give this quality on Saturday both the large distribution that customers or anything else is a value we say for all the territory because we logically see recognized as a place where things are good we could say that the second big secret here is in this mountain grass lies in this this hay here is what will then become a food as it says dry respectful of the surrounding environment of this mountain ecology and how many are the cows that we breed we have a stable about 45 animals among about thirty dairy animals rest then we have some horses a bit of hens some goat and it is so anyway, as before, I wanted to reiterate that the secret of our companies is to have the raw material suitable for hay and more than half of work in the barn if you have a good logically much less effort to manage because you do not need vets, the quality of milk and this is a great benefit for us.

Among other things, these animals then we find them in spaces like this mountain that we have behind you and this tells us precisely one of a story that is made of nature we now friends let’s discover your paolo family farm where this experience of mountain breeding is also communicated to ours.

The soul of the farm called Malga Pie is Erika the daughter of Adriana and Paolo, meanwhile we must say that here the holiday is right in close contact with the company with the animal husbandry the animals are just a few meters away we have the farm here attached to our farm where we breed all cows of brown we have calves of the handcuffs of dairy cows all here attached to our company is out in the fields free that none of the other with our horses norica breed two trotters the tourist can know these animals among other things the open space the summer pasture then the malga for the small manzette manzette then a direct contact that you wanted to transfer also in the architecture we see for example this wood outside this fassa larch here is a call to nature to mountain agriculture that is exactly we wanted to make this choice both externally and internally then co n all natural timbers all local wood in an extremely treaty.

We used larch because the symbol of rebirth and we with this thing we wanted to be reborn and do or this new farm and everything is the request was not cut all the pope and took him to the sawmill to cut then double pride of local products we say Erika a great bond with the territory we can not transmit it but you hear this scent that also the smell of the circle then in wood that accompanies all this structure the heat of these rooms how many rooms you have we have rooms in which five cells of pine as we said it is in one instead it is all Hillary there is the room dedicated to my grandparents and that we wanted to keep it in larch like the outside and because musically without them all this would not have been possible even a product of history what is the tourist that comes from you to whom you want to address but we want to turn customers very attentive to what is the environment in the sense that we have looking to transmit this naturalist of the product and also by recovering old timber the dolomites are also this, that is, an active holiday.

The bikers would like to remind the hikers who refer to yours and structures of course a sport day a day dedicated to the mountain needs a good breakfast products of the territory first if we make breakfast with all the genuine products our company for all we can and stop taking local products for cured meat we always rely on the local companies here as it can be the mass locke and take from them that are the meats of my cousin and Ciardo farm seems to take honey and then the rest we produce everything we in the kitchen some are all the desserts yogurt these products that we can enhance to remember the dairy here of the Val di Fassa with the stink the core of Fassa the other products of your territory that we can taste even in these breakfasts, we see mum Adriana in vegetable garden that to this wooden fence by the way very very beautiful that also serves in tene The wild animals are not far away, but this means the vegetable garden also the link with your kitchen because on request there is also lunch.
Exactly on request was made of premiums we make some strangolapreti with our sprouts of the vegetable garden of canederli with cured meats with cheese from the cheese making then making fondues we make sliced ​​cold cuts and these are some proposals that are found almost every day we are here to pamper ourselves also means relaxation we see the wellness area willingly.

We return to Erika also because we would like to know what this commitment to the environment and true mountain agriculture means to you but in our opinion this attachment to the territory is very important because it gives the customer a unique atmosphere in maintaining the territory we have around here is very important is an image in short of what we do because clearly we do the hay to give it to animals but in the meantime it is from this environmental contribution and respect for what are wood materials pollution of the environment is very important because nowadays we have to be much more attentive to these things because they will then remain to those who will come later and then Erika you made us want to know even better your territory so in the meantime, thanks and best wishes for the whole Brunelli family and then planes that we move near here and go to discover some more corners of the Dolomites.