In the center of the Chianti Classico

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Currently of S.A. Santa Brigida since 1940, was in 1400 owned by the father of Mona Lisa (the Mona Lisa of Leonardo da Vinci) Antonio Maria di Noldo Gherardini, who constituted the dowry of the daughter married to Francesco di Bartolomeo di Zanobi del Giocondo with a part of it. La Ripa was already clearly indicated on the maps of the Capitani di parte Guelfa and is located near one of the ancient ridge roads that connected the Val di Pesa with Florence to the Val d`Elsa and the Via Francigena.

La Ripa is located on the border between the provinces of Florence and Siena, in the towns of Barberino Val d`Elsa and Castellina in Chianti, in the center of the Chianti Classico, on the Provincial road of the Poggi that connects San Donato in Poggio to Castellina in Chianti. it covers about 140 hectares. Since 1940 the company has been producing and bottling its own wines and its own Extra Virgin Olive Oil since 1968. A limited production of classic Chianti Grappa has been added a few years ago. Most of the production is mainly exported to the USA, Canada, Japan, throughout Europe and Switzerland.

The main product of Fattoria la Ripa is the Chianti Classico D.O.C.G. and its Reserve, obtained from excellent selected Sangiovese and Canaiolo grapes produced in the company’s vineyards located about 400 meters above sea level and exposed at midday. In addition to the Chianti Classico, Fattoria la Ripa also produces a table wine at I.G.T. (“Supertuscan”), called “Santa Brigida”, always with grapes from their own vineyards, obtained from Cabernet Sauvignon combined with Sangiovese and bred in French and American oak barrels called “barriques”. Vin Santo D.O.C. Chianti Classico Dry is another traditional product of the company obtained from Malvasia, Trebbiano and Sangiovese passite grapes and is then aged for ten years in sealed oak barrels.

It is also produced a table wine both red and dry white called “San Giorgio alle Rose IGT”, only Sangiovese red and Chardonnay and Trebbiano white to be served fresh. From the distillation of the fresh pomace of own production are then obtained a Grappa and its Reserve, which are characterized by their softness. Finally from the olive groves of the property is obtained the prestigious Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Chianti Classico D.O.P., from the first cold pressing of the olives without adding additives or preservatives. To get to the Fattoria la Ripa, from the Firenze Certosa exit of the Autostrada del Sole take the Florence-Siena (Autopalio) expressway to the San Donato in Poggio exit. At the exit of S. Donato in Poggio bypass the Superstrada, taking the Provincial Road No. 101 towards Castellina in Chianti, bypassing the village of S. Donato in Poggio, up to km 9,200. Then follow the private road indicated by the appropriate sign (see photo above) on the left. Coming from Siena on the Superstrada exit at the exit of S. Donato in Poggio taking the Provincial n ° 101 on the right and then follow the directions above.

The Chianti Classico D.O.C.G. Fattoria la Ripa is produced from selected grapes of the vineyards of the company located at about 400m s.l.m. and called La Leccia, La Fonte, La Mandria, La Stalla and La Volpaia on not very fertile soils, with an apparent skeleton, clayey, sandy, calcareous, stony for Galestro and Alberese with PH about 8 and carbonates over 40%. The vines are grown in the Tuscan Archetto and have a density of about 4000 plants per hectare. The maximum production per hectare is 70 quintals of grapes. The vinification takes place in the traditional way with tumultuous fermentation accompanied by numerous “Délestages” and then followed by the traditional “Government” to the Tuscan use and by the Malolactic fermentation. Aging is done in oak barrels.

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil is also one of the traditional products of Fattoria la Ripa. The olives are harvested before complete ripening directly from the plants thus guaranteeing the low saturated fat content, the quality and the fruity of the oil at the expense of the production yield which normally ranges around 13 kg of oil per 100 kg of olives . It is ideal for salad dressing, delicate and light fried food and for the production of special and precious sauces. It is also particularly indicated for the classic bruschetta or fettunta (slices of toasted bread seasoned with garlic, oil and salt).

The grappas are obtained from the distillation, within 48 hours from the production, of the pomace coming from the grapes produced at Fattoria La Ripa. The distillation takes place by means of steam-heated bain-marie alembics, discarding the first and last fraction of the distillate (head and tail). Grappa di Riserva is aged in French oak barrels for three years, giving it the typical amber color and adding important hints of wood.