Agriturismo Orti di Mare

September 11, 2018 Uncategorized

I partially grow up in Lacona, because as a child I always came here for my vacations My mother loved Elba Island and my parents often brought me here, not only in summer

Orti di Mare (“Vegetable Gardens at the Sea”) was born precisely from our vegetable garden with drip irrigation, where we favor the summer productions, which destination is the direct sale to the tourists We have now onions, swiss chards, beetroots, zucchini, cucumbers, tomatoes, and a lot of globe artichokes It’s a real organic cultivation with attention and care, that you can’t find in a lot of other places The vegetable garden covers both our domestic needs and of direct selling There is a good balance from this point of view, meaning that we do use everything we produce

At certain times in the vegetable gardens there’s overproduction A lot of tomatoes, eggplants, zucchini, peppers… that you don’t know how to use This side dish is a way for that: fancy and rich, it satisfies many palates Here you see a ground particularly vocated to cultivate Aleatico of Elba, the world known wine grape variety from which we create the omonimous passito wine With the Aleatico wine we produce also a great ice cream, as well as with Mirtle, that we pick in January, or with Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Flavours that can appear weird, but which give excellent results and are very appreciated I deal with the sale of fruits and vegetables and of the Orti di Mare’s products like confitures, biscuits and bread Here you can buy what has been picked in the morning and eat it right away, which is fundamental You can also buy the bread when it’s still warm A customer told me once: “When I ate your bread, I remembered when my grandmother baked bread, a lot of years ago

” When she told me that, I was happy, because she enjoyed the bread and because this reminded her of her grandma, of how in the old days bread was baked in the wood oven That’s great I happened several times to be told these words exactly: “One can see that here everything is done with love!” A job that contributes to create a world, a situation, in which people feel good, are happy and recognize love around themselves, is very satisfying The food, everything handmade and organic…

You can feel there is a lot of energy – and passion – in the work here, so start your day here is for us a good way to start the day The Farmhouse-Camping site is organized on different levels, with terraces sloping towards the sea In the highest part you can find the spaces for motorhomes and in the lowest one there is a pinewood, with well shadowed pitches Some pitches like this one are overlooking the sea and the Lacona bay A 400 meters dirt road links to the beach in a few minutes

Here you can see how we tried to combine the land use with the need of creating spaces for hospitality, maintaining the agricultural production -olives, grapes – next to the pitches, also to let the guests feel themselves connected to the living reality of the farm To reduce the environmental impact of the structures, we tried to give importance to the recovery of materials, for example exploiting the ditch reeds or reusing old doors or lamps recovered from a hotel renovation, using new materials as little as possible This is a little apartment that we called “Libeccio” (south-west wind), with a very beautiful perspective on the sea As a green building, it does not require energetic supplies for summer cooling and winter warming We have been elsewhere, always in a residence or an apartment, so we have a basis for comparison

Here at Orti di Mare you can experience what team work really is: you find people who work with passion, who try to make you feel at home We’ve noticed that our guests appreciate and love details, which are usually overlooked For example, they sometimes thank us for the music they can hear in the bathrooms or for the quotes they find here and there in the agritourism Each attention, also aesthetic, is much more appreciated than one can believe We have been observing that constantly and we are always more persuaded of that

To be in an environment where everything is beautiful, like it is here, makes it easier to get in touch with people and to have an authentic connection with them, not the formal one you constantly get in the cities