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For years, agriturismi have turned out to be the best kept accommodation in Italy because of the holistic benefit it gives as a travel and leisure center.

What exactly is an agriturismo

A lot of people see agriturismo as a farm stay but it is much than what we think, because agriturismo is now one of the best ways for you to experience Italy

This article will explain what an agriturismo is and will also highlight some myths and unforgotten truth about an agriturismo.

The general meaning of an agriturismo is a farm owned by a farmer who decides to use the farm for partial accommodation.

This simply means that the owner of the farm house you will be visiting is a farmer and you will be staying in a farm house.

Don’t except the usual atmosphere when you visit an agriturismi because the farm house does not have a reception and you are much likely to be woken up by roosters.

There are different ranges of cozy room you can choose from to enjoy your stay and there are also bigger houses to accommodate you. Be rest assured you will have a clean and serene accommodation. Rooms in agriturismi are neat and clean.

One of the best moment you will enjoy in the agriturismo is the food because you will be fed with natural food made from farm produce like meats, eggs, olive oil, wine and probably from one of the chickens that woke you up from bed at low cost.

Other Italian foods that cannot be found in swanky restaurant are also available in an agritursmo.

Another plus is that the agriturismo are almost everywhere in Italy because the country has over 20,000 agriturismo where you can see Tuscany’s rolling vineyard.

Aside the food and delicacies, there is nothing more important that meeting new people. Just like roses, agriturismo is lovely and with your little cash, you get more value.

Despite the benefits and how great this farm houses are, there are some myths about Agriturismi. The article will look at three myths that are actually not true and one truth that people never thought about.

Myths about agriturismo

The first Myth people will tell you is that you need to spend at least a week to experience an agriturismo

This is not true. You don’t need to stay for at least a week to experience agriturismo, some farms will offer you three night stay and majority will allow you stay for one night. All you need to do is to put a call through couple of days before you visit the agriturismo so they can make plans ahead.

The bottom line; you can stay in a farm house for the number of days you feel like, spending a week is not compulsory.

The second Myth about agriturismo is that if you are in search of high-end amenities, an agriturismo is not for you

From a general point of view, if you are the kind of person that want a room equipped with amenities like shower, bathtub, air conditioners or television then any average agriturismo may not provide that. But it’s important you know that there are new agriturismo that will provide you with the type of treat you want.

The third myth you will hear people say is that staying in family farm is not good when you are on romantic holidays and you need some privacy

This is not true because most agriturismi are owned by accommodating and super-friendly yet un-intrusive personalities.

Some say this because dinners are always taken together at farm-stay but it is important you know that if what you want is privacy, you can always enjoy your meals in your room.

Having looked at the three myths often told, one often-overlooked truth about agriturismi that is often overlooked is that getting there might be tough.

Not all are connected by bus or train but some agriturismi owners will pick you up at the station if nearby. Going with your car may not be advisable too because of the roads.

Bit looking at it from a general point of view, agriturismo is worth the experience.